Term 4 Newsletter

Thursday, November 9, 2017  | 

The last Term of the year is often our most active with Cecchetti exams, Panache assessments, end-of-year performances, and the Blackwood Xmas Parade.

This notice is to give final details of some of the up-coming events.

Some exciting news ahead for 2018

EXAMINATIONS- Congratulations to the senior classical students who passed with strong results in the recent exam sessions. Also "congrats" to Sophie Edwards who was the Intermediate Cecchetti Scholarhip.

A big "thank you" is extended to our teachers for their hard work during a very busy and often stressful time.

I would also like to thank all the parents who assisted their daughters on preparing them for their exams and ensuring they made extra practices a priority, thank you.

We had 100% pass rate again this year and probable our most successful year with 90% obtaining honours! Well done!

Miss Dani also passed with high marks her Associate Diploma Part A exam.


Our next exam session for our junior students are being held on the 13th and 15th  November. We wish them all the best of luck!


CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCES- This end-of-year event will be held at  

BlackwoodHigh Schoolin December.

Due to the size of the venue it is necessary to separate the school into small performance groups to be able to accommodate the large audience numbers that we have had in past years. We hope this will enable you to view your child's class presentation in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Please see attached note for dates & times.



We have been a part of the Blackwood Christmas Pageant for the best part of 30+ years. It is a wonderful community event. Those who continually participate do so each and every year. It is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to show the community what we can do.

This year Miss Amy & I would like to make us really stand out from others by ensuring each child has a costume and possibly a little routine to show during the pageant. The more involved the better! Come all and join us. Plus we also have a truck this year!

More details to follow but please let us know if you would like to take part


OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS - Any family that has outstanding accounts at years end will not be re-enrolled until all fees are paid in full. That means that placement within the classes cannot be guaranteed for 2018. Please ensure that all fees are paid by the due date.


2018 TIMETABLE - Due to an increase in numbers throughout the school some alterations to the timetable will be necessary next year & we need to know where vacancies exist in classes. To assist us we need notification (in writing to Dani) of any changes to your child's attendance i.e. not attending next year*, attending additional class/es, changing of class/es. We try to accommodate specific requests for class times but we are governed by availability of venues, teachers and class sizes. We hope to have a copy of the timetable for you to view later in the term.

*A quick written note to the studio/teacher informing us of students not returning next year is essential. Students are automatically re-enrolled unless we are informed otherwise.

Thank you-  This year has been a big year for our studio. With change in staff early this year and myself coming back into the business in a full time capacity I would like to extend a massive thank you to each and every one of you who have supported myself and my amazing team this year. Panache is a family business and family is what this studio is about. I have been blown away by the support of our families this year and has made my year truly wonderful. Thank you to all the students and their families who have done drop offs, pick-ups, made rehearsals & extra practices priorities. It makes our jobs so much easier.

Word of mouth is how we have been so successful in the Blackwood community and thank you for continually recommending us to family and friends.

Thank you xx


Our thoughts are with all students studying for university or yr 12 exams. We know that you will be rewarded for your hard work and look forward to celebrating your success.


Miss Dani and Staff