Term 1 Newsletter 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019  | 




WELCOME to all students and their families and a special welcome to those who are new to Panache. We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to start the working year with enthusiasm



Our midyear concert dances are already well underway. A reminder that the concert will be held at Westminster School Performing Arts theatre on Saturday the 29th of June. Please advise your teacher ASAP if you will be absent so dances can be adjusted accordingly. We are so excited to journey 'A moment in time' this year.



To reduce the cost to the environment we began to distribute most notices electronically last year. If you are not receiving them please check your 'junk mail' inbox then contact me and I will be able to resend to you. Alternatively, you can view all notices and newsletters via our website www.panachedancestudio.com.au



Attached to newsletter is our 2019 calendar. Please ensure you take note of important dates especially exam entry closures and rehearsal dates.

Please note there are no classes on Public holidays. Our term finishes on the Saturday of the last week of school term.



With classes commencing, many students will be meeting new teachers and new friends. Class sizes so far this year seem to be very comfortable with a number at capacity. However, a phone call to confirm availability of places would be appreciated if you know of anyone wanting to start with us.

Some teachers are happy to have parents view class on the odd occasion (aside from specific Parent Viewing days), but for the other students in the class this may be an issue. Always check with your teacher first. Kinderdance and Baby bopper classes, Parents are able to view weekly although please keep noise to a minimum to not distract students.

Please also be reminded if a student is no longer attending a class, I need to be notified in writing no through the teacher.



At Panache we pride ourselves on being a family business, this is not just our family but students and their families alike. We highly encourage as much parent and sibling involvement around the studio. This helps the kids grow and express themselves but it also helps Panache out as well. The more hands that can help the more time we can spend teaching and nurturing your children to learn how to dance. If you have experience in sewing, craft, stage and/or theatre please let us know if you wish to help.


We have also been in the process of cataloguing our HUGE collection of costumes. This has been a massive undertaking and we are hoping to complete this on the 17th March. If anyone is available to help for a couple of hours to sort, photograph and document costumes please contact Miss Dani and she will give more details. We have spent 2 full days already on this task and still have at least another day to complete. The more hands to help the easier it will be.



It would be appreciated if parents could wait outside the studio until the class has been dismissed so as not to disrupt the class still in progress. Students from the class following may enter and wait for their class to commence provided they do not make unnecessary noise or distract the other students.

Please ensure that all children are collected from within the studio. This will lead to congestion and noise during class changeover, but necessary for the students well being. For their own safety please do not ask them to wait out on the footpath.



We are continuing our relationship with MDM Dancewear to provide our students with state-of-the-art ballet and jazz shoes. Please ensure you contact Miss Dani to organize a booking time as teachers cannot fit during class due to fairness to other students and their own class structure.

We will also continue to stock Lady Jayne hair essentials (bun nets, bobby pins etc) in the coming weeks to be a 'one stop shop' for essentials. Please contact Miss Dani for more information.


Dancewear is an integral part of creating a supportive outfit for any dancer. I am aware of cheaper dance shoes available for Target and Kmart. Please be aware that these shoes do not provide the correct support or fitting for students. To ensure the proper support especially for growing feet, please purchase dance shoes from a reputable brand.


Panache T-shirt and jumpers are still available to order through the studio. As to lack of space we cannot stock all sizes and will be placing 2 orders through our distributer per year. Our 1st order will be placed at the end of term 1 so please get your orders in to ensure you don't miss out. Order forms are available at the studio.

Just a reminder that Panache T-shirts are required for all Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Junior Funk and Musical theatre classes. Panache Tanks are an optional extra.


Other required dancewear (leotards, skirts) are available at specialty dance stores (Dance FX Unley rd, Fusion Dancewear, Brighton Rd, The Stage Shop, Leigh st Adelaide)


Hair should be worn up and away from the face for every class i.e. ponytail for modern, tap, junior funk and contemporary. A NEAT bun is required for classical.



It is customary for accounts to be distributed in class at the end of each term for the following term. If you do not receive one, please inform the class teacher or email regarding the oversight. Ensure that all cash payments are forwarded in a clearly marked envelope. Please do not expect the teachers to have change available if paying in cash & you do not have the correct amount. To ensure that all cash payments are accounted for manual receipts will be given by the teacher when received.

EFT, is the preferred method of payment, however it has led to some embarrassing misunderstandings. Please ensure that either a name or account number accompanies the payment. We still have payments from last year with no name attached!

If you have problems paying the account by the due date please phone or email and we will do our best to accommodate.


A timetable of all classes is available on our website if you do not have one


If you haven't already done so please follow our page on Facebook to get up to date information and notice reminders.  All notices are also available to view on our Website www.panachedancestudio.com.au

We also have launched our Instagram page so please follow us.


We wish everyone a happy start to the year and good luck to our students participating in the Cecchetti Medal competition in March. Good Luck!